Naked 100 Menthol – Apple (Apple Cooler)


Flavor: Sweet watermelon, white grapes, and green apples with menthol.

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Naked 100 Menthol Apple eJuice combines the classic fruit that always comes to mind with some added help for a grape and watermelon vape juice that will chill you to the bone. This arctic blast of icy freshness does a great service to the trio of fruits that happen to be particularly known for their crisp nature. Being a delightful bite of frosty fun will bring a well-rounded body and a new expression for the watermelon, green apple, and white grape vape juice. As if exploring a mountain spring or discovering a once forgotten waterfall, the cold rush of these fruity companions will be as refreshing as seeing something in a new light. The great equalizer still works on even the classics in this menthol e-juice.